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Hello there! I'm David.

I love writing code. Especially in JavaScript.

If I'm not coding you can find me doing other things I love, like playing games or anything Star Wars related.

Stargate - Prometheus

About me

Student, Technology Enthusiast and Developer.

In love with JavaScript for over 5 years. My current favorites are React and Node.JS but I am always looking for new things to learn. I also have experience with HTML, CSS, Express and PostgreSQL.

I am currently digging my way throughout the worlds of Java and Godot. Also, I am trying to improve my design skills by taking typography and color theory courses.

When it comes to free time, I mostly spend it playing different games, watching shows and movies (SF mainly), reading and talking about Star Wars and hoping for some new Stargate content.

Along the years I worked on different projects that you can check below.

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